We are CryptoCartel

  • Bitcoin mining. Helping to develop better ASICs and GPU mining tools.
  • Early development in Ethereum and related projects like Colored Coins, PoW/PoS variations, and CounterParty.
  • Bitcoin development and research into Decentralized Autonomous Companies (DACs) and Organizations (DAOs).
  • ERC-721 research and implementation assistance on related early NFT projects.
  • Working with clients and partners on PoW use cases. Web3 DApp and smart contract research and implementations. Work with Quorum on private blockchain solutions. Aragon DAOs.
  • DAOs, DeFi, Ethereum and explosive NFT growth.
  • Launch ImmutaGallery and worked on numerous NFT projects.
  • Creating public facing website and presence. Launching NFT based game. As well as 5 additional projects. Zero-Knowledge Proofs.

CryptoCartel has been conducting extensive blockchain and cryptocurrency research since 2010. We have helped launch and develop related technologies that have generated over $1 billion in market caps in the last 12 years. 

We are having an active role in creating a more decentralized world. We’re an organization whose mandate is to help businesses and governments develop and integrate blockchain technology in the public interest.

The whole idea behind CryptoCartel was to create a organization that forms an ecosystem of talented individuals from various fields. Here at CryptoCartel we are not only interested in the incredible opportunity blockchain offers but also the impact it can have on bettering the world we live in. We believe the blockchain has limitless potential to solve numerous problems which stem from our centralized systems, and that it will help to enable those who need support most. Our mission is to use cutting edge decentralized technologies to solve the biggest issues our society is facing today.